PATCH NOTES - Demo V0.2.20



- Optimized the XP orbs for better framerates.

- Minor enemy optimizations, also for better framerates.

- Fixed a bug where you could get a softlock in a run with more tha 3 players, due to an error in how cards were randomized in the level up (one player would eventually have no valid cards to pick). ⚔️

- Fixed a bug where pressing F8 in the results screen (after clearing a run or dying) would "unpause" the game, making it so the run would keep going underneath the results screen. ⚔️

Once again, the fixes with the sword emotes were suggested by the community. Thank you all so much for playing our capybara game and giving us your feedback!

Oh, and we've upgraded our feedback system internally, so keep sending us your impressions!

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Version 0.2.20 93 days ago

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